Mega Millions Lottery Luck Finds Silver Spring Woman

Wins $250,000 Second-Tier Prize

Shirle Demby was helping an elderly relative with his shopping last week when he suggested she buy a lottery ticket. The Silver Spring resident has struggled recently with her finances and agreed she could use a change in luck. Shirle wasn’t sure which game to play, so, following her friend’s advice, she purchased a Mega Millions ticket. Listening to that advice paid off – to the tune of $250,000!

“I stuck the ticket in my glove compartment and didn’t think about it for five days,” she said, laughing. Her messy car glove compartment is a running joke between Shirle and her best friend. “What goes in there isn’t guaranteed to ever come out, my friend says. He can’t believe I was able to find the ticket when I remembered to check those numbers.”

When Shirle did check her Mega Millions ticket, the store clerk initially told her that she’d won $10,000. “I went out to the car to tell my friend, who didn’t believe me. I brought him into the store to prove it and the clerk said that he’d been wrong, that I had actually won $250,000!”

Shirle plans to use her winnings to pay off some of her debt and to help some people in her life. She bought her lucky Mega Millions ticket from Oakdale Fine Wine at 1713 Edmondson Ave. in Catonsville.