Mega Millions Luck Shines on Baltimore Man

Hardworking Lottery Player Wins $15,006

An occasional Mega Millions player walked away with a $15,006 win after buying a ticket for last Friday’s drawing. The 79-year-old Baltimore man usually plays Pick 3 and Pick 4, but on a whim, decided to also to purchase a Mega Millions quick pick ticket. He put the ticket in his wallet and hurried off to work, not checking the winning numbers until Saturday.

“I knew I had a winner, but I had to go to two different retailers to actually see how much,” the lucky player chuckled. “His eyes just lit up when they told him the amount,” said his friend who accompanied the winner to Lottery Headquarters today.

The winner matched four white balls and the mega ball on one line which is a $5000 win. He also matched one white ball and the mega ball on another line winning an additional $2. But, since the winner chose the Megaplier, which was a 3 times multiplier, his $5,002 win was multiplied to $15,006.

Though nearly an octogenarian, the lucky winner still gets up at 5:30 every morning to go to work. He stressed the importance of clean living, saying you can live longer and continue work by taking care of yourself. His friend added, “He’s a good, hardworking man and like a father to me.”

The lucky player says he will continue to play, but will be careful with his prize winnings and save most of it. He hopes to add another win soon. He purchased his winning ticket at 7-11, located at 5701 Belair Road in Baltimore City.