Mega Millions Maryland Money Train Makes Stop in Delaware

Players Club at Amtrak Shop Wins $250,000

Mega Millions - WinnersFifteen.  Thirty-two.  $250,000.  If you’re consulting an Amtrak train schedule, these numbers will make no sense.  They will have meaning, however, if you look behind the scenes at the Amtrak shop in Wilmington because it’s there that you’ll find 32 employees who have been playing Lottery games as a group for 15 years.  The final number, the $250,000 – that’s the prize the group won on Friday.

“I got a call from one of my co-workers on Saturday morning,” reported club spokesman Bob Lewandowski.  “I didn’t believe him, I was sure he had to be reading the ticket incorrectly.”  This seems to have been the response from most of the team reached by phone with the news that morning.  When the members got together at work on Monday and saw the ticket, all doubts were erased.

The big win has been the talk of the Amtrak shop this week, bringing employees and supervisors from all over the yard offering congratulations.  Bob told Lottery officials that everyone is excited about their luck, especially one co-worker who will be retiring soon.

Bob and his colleagues had some advice for other groups that play Mega Millions together.  “Get each participant’s paperwork together in advance instead of rushing to gather it when your numbers hit.  You get your winnings faster that way.”

The Railroaders Club bought their lucky Mega Millions winner from Connie’s Market at 203 Mechanics Valley Rd. in North East, Maryland.