Mega Millions Megaplier Win for Baltimore Grandmother

Wins $30,000 using her grandchildren’s birthdays

Matching four Mega Millions numbers and the Mega Ball typically results in a $10,000 win. A lucky Baltimore woman was able to triple her winnings and take home $30,000 thanks to the Mega Millions Megaplier® option she purchased for an extra dollar.

The woman, who always uses her grandchildren’s birthdays, was completely stunned when she called the Lottery’s Winning Numbers line the day after the drawing. As the recording listed off the numbers, the grandmother was in complete disbelief as she heard five of her numbers repeated. “I wrote down the winning numbers and compared my ticket a few times before I realized that I won something,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The 78-year-old woman immediately called her daughter to share the good news and then stored the ticket in a safe place until she could claim it. “I kept the ticket in some old pantyhose cardboard packaging,” she told Lottery officials.

The woman plans to share some of the money with her grandchildren and daughter since their birthdays were the reason for her good fortune. In addition to treating her family, the generous grandmother wants to contribute some of her winnings to her church. The winning ticket was purchased at Herling’s Grocery Basket, located at 400 W Lexington St. in Baltimore.