Mega Millions Miracle for Montgomery County Couple

Win $250,000 Second-Tier Mega Millions Prize

Mega MillionsIt was a bitter-sweet win for a Gaithersburg husband and wife. The couple, who have been dealing with a recent death in the family, hit the second-tier Mega Millions prize on Friday.

The Montgomery County couple stumbled upon an old Lottery ticket that had belonged to their uncle, who recently passed away. While driving, the ticket fell from the truck’s visor and onto the husband’s lap. They had a hunch that it was a sign, and decided to play the numbers from the ticket as a tribute to their uncle.

The couple believes that it was a miracle when every number except the Mega Ball matched Friday’s drawing. Even though the Lottery retailer confirmed it was a winning ticket, they continued to re-check the ticket until this morning. “I’m still in a daze. It’s like I’m dreaming,” explained the mother-of-three, who kept the ticket safely tucked in their uncle’s Bible all weekend.

The winners plan to pay bills with their prize. They will also continue to play the Lottery, hoping for another miracle. The winning ticket was purchased at 3 Star Beer & Wine, located at 18524 Woodfield Rd. in Gaithersburg.