Mega Millions Player Only One Number Off from $1 Billion Prize

A Baltimore County man happily won a small share of the Mega Millions dream before the Oct. 23 drawing ended the $1.6 billion jackpot’s roll. He discovered a $10,000 prizewinner in a trio of Mega Millions tickets purchased for the Oct. 19 drawing. The Owings Mills man matched four numbers and the Mega ball for an amazing quick-pick win.

The lucky retail clerk said his luck wasn’t a result of a stack of tickets or a complicated jackpot-winning scheme. Instead, the 53-year-old attributed his win to consistently purchasing a few tickets for each drawing. This time, his $4 purchase brought home a huge prize.

The winner’s modest dreams for spending a $1 billion dollar jackpot prize were to help his family, pay off the mortgage on his house and invest the rest. He is also a part-time caregiver for the developmentally disabled and confessed that the smaller payout only reduces the scale of his plans. His desire is the same – to better care for his family.

“I’ve been taking care of people my entire life. It’s second nature to me,” he said.

The Lottery retailer that produced his winning ticket is 7-Eleven #33266 located at 8235 Perry Hall Boulevard in White Marsh. The $10,000 prize was one of four $10,000 prizes won in Maryland in the Oct. 19 drawing.