Megaplier Gives Carroll County Mom $25,000 Mega Millions Win

 Aug. 25 drawing has 5x Megaplier

The owner of a heavy equipment supply company unloaded a mega-winning ticket in the Mega Millions  game at Maryland Lottery headquarters this week. Adding the Megaplier option to her ticket turned a $5,000 win into $25,000 in the Aug. 25 drawing. She was one of two players to match four balls plus the Mega Ball but the only one who added the Megaplier feature.

“I recognized the last number when I checked the results on my Lottery app,” she said. The 52-year-old Westminster resident picked the last number in her winning combination, the Mega Ball, and let the Lottery terminal select the other five numbers. She played the same numbers in the Aug. 25 and Aug. 29 drawings.

“When I scanned it, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing,” said the self-employed wife and mother. “I just about convinced myself that it was a $250 win.” A trip to the store where she’d purchased the lucky ticket, Winfield Wine & Spirits at 1707 W. Liberty Road in Westminster, added a couple of zeros to that figure.

“The cashier told me that the store had sold a $25,000 winner as I handed her my ticket,” the lucky player said. “She checked it and whispered, ‘It’s you!’ ”

Remaining calm so as not to broadcast her good fortune to other customers, the Carroll County woman phoned her husband. He was alone at home and able to celebrate in a way she couldn’t in public. “My husband was shocked! He got a lot louder than I was able to,” she said.

The big Lottery fan has played most of our games and focuses on the three jackpot games: Multi-Match, Mega Millions and Powerball. While she didn’t win a jackpot yet, the loyal player is well satisfied with her $25,000 Mega Millions prize.

Maryland’s latest big-money Mega Millions winner plans to put her winnings in the bank. And, she will continue playing jackpot games. “I plan to be back here someday!” she said.

Our winner and other Mega Millions players have only hours to wait for the next drawing. The jackpot is on a roll this week and set for $53 million for tonight’s drawing (Sept. 1). The cash option is $33.9 million.