Megaplier Magic for Sykesville Retiree

Multiplies Mega Millions prize for $50,000 win

A Carroll County woman whose pursuits include grandkids, Bingo, and Mega Millions just made room for one more passion – winning! The 69-year-old multiplied her fun last Tuesday when she won a $50,000 Mega Millions prize on the March 6 drawing.

The Sykesville retiree told Lottery officials that the best thing about being retired is doing what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Last Tuesday, she felt like playing one of her favorite Lottery games. She purchased her regular Mega Millions ticket, a two-draw ticket with one line of Quick Pick numbers and another wager with family numbers, adding the game’s Megaplier bonus feature.

She discovered her $12 Mega Millions purchase was lucky when she dialed the Lottery’s winning numbers line (410-230-8830) to check her ticket. As the automated call read back the drawing results they began to mirror what she had on her own ticket. In all she matched 4 out of 5 numbers and the Mega Ball, good for a $10,000 prize.

Although a far cry from the $290 million jackpot up for grabs last Tuesday, the winner was elated and immediately shared the news with her husband. When he double checked the ticket, he noticed she had played the game’s Megaplier bonus feature. The extra $1 on her wager meant the prize would be multiplied by that night’s 5x bonus, bringing her final tally to $50,000!

The woman said she and her husband plan to save the winnings, explaining that the retirees can always use a rainy day fund, but told Lottery officials that they also plan to share a portion of the win with their family.

Despite missing the huge Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday, it didn’t bother the lucky winner. Could luck strike twice?

“I still have these same numbers for Friday night,” she explained.

The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased at Martin’s Food, located at 1320 Londontown Boulevard in Eldersburg.