Middle River Man Wins $250,000 Playing Mega Millions

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the incredulous winner. The 44-year-old, who arrived at Lottery Headquarters with his cousin and wife in tow, expressed his delight and disbelief at his recent $250,000 windfall.

“I picked my own numbers,” said the man. “Even though I thought I was going to win, I didn’t believe it.”  The winner’s doubt was shared by his cousin, who was the first person with whom he shared the news. “I wanted to read the ticket and check the numbers,” said his cousin.

The next person to get the good news was his wife. “I told my wife the next day,” he said. “I wanted it to be a surprise, but I couldn’t sleep the night before, so I had to tell her.”  With only his cousin and spouse privy to his newfound wealth, the winner put the ticket in a drawer at home for safe keeping until arriving at Lottery Headquarters to claim his prize.

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The father-of-three wants to use his winnings to take a break and enjoy life. His plans may also include a piano. “I couldn’t find one I could afford,” said the winner. “Now I can get my son the grand piano he really wants.”

The $250,000 winning ticket was purchased at Kwik Mart #2, located at 901 A Middle River Rd. in Baltimore.