Middle River Undertaker Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize

There had to be a good reason for a local funeral worker to become startled this weekend. Usually, with a job like that, they are good at maintaining their composure, providing an air of dignity to a job that might make the average person squeamish. The jolt that shook things up for this Middle River resident came courtesy of a Powerball ticket that matched five numbers, winning the $200,000 second-tier prize.

The 49-year-old purchased the winning ticket after winning a small amount playing Mega Millions. When he cashed his winning Mega Millions ticket, he used the proceeds to purchase a Powerball ticket. The winner checked his numbers on the Lottery website Sunday afternoon, discovering that he matched all of the numbers except for the extra Powerball. Unsure of how much he won, the winner took the ticket to a local retail location. “When they scanned my ticket the clerk’s eyes got really big,” he said.

The lucky winner plans to pay off his mortgage and a vehicle loan. He also intends to keep news of the win quiet, sharing the excitement with only immediate family. “I’m going to keep this one under my hat,” he told Lottery officials.  The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 convenience store, located at 9410 Harford Road in Baltimore.