Middletown Man Plows into $50,000 Win [VIDEO]


Second Middletown resident to claim big prize this past month

If you don’t live in Middletown, you may want to move there. When David Cline took a break from plowing snow earlier this week, he became the second Middletown resident to win a big Lottery prize in just over a month.

David, a lifelong Middletown resident and avid Lottery player, purchased some scratch-offs on Monday, taking them outside the store to scratch. While scratching The Price is Right ticket, he revealed something he had not seen before — a $50,000 prize.

“I kept looking at the ticket and then I ran back inside the store to have the clerk check it,” said the 55-year-old who then rushed home to show his family. “I feel like it’s too good to be true. I’m so excited!”

After getting some advice from his good friend Mike, the State Highway Administration employee decided that he should first pay off his debt with his winnings. Once that’s done, he can then celebrate.

“I’ve worked for the state for over 30 years. Now I can retire a little more comfortably.”

David’s winning ticket was purchased at 7-11, located at 7729 Sundays Ln. in Frederick. In February, a 34-year-old anonymous Middletown man claimed a $1 million Powerball prize.

David Cline - The Price Is Right

Middletown man David Cline plowed his way to a
$50,000 The Price is Right top prize!