Mitchellville Man Finds $50,000 Win Playing 100X the Cash Game

$50K 100x The Cash McEachin web

Mitchellville resident Cromwell McEachin hit it big with a $50,000 win on the 100X the Cash scratch-off.

Wonders if his late wife sent Lottery luck his way

Discovering a $50,000 winning 100x the Cash scratch-off was a bittersweet moment for Cromwell McEachin of Mitchellville. His late wife had predicted a big Lottery win was coming his way.

“My wife did say to me before she passed away that she thought that I was going to win big one day playing the Lottery,” Cromwell said. “I feel this $50,000 win was exactly what she meant. I definitely feel like she had a hand in it!”

The government worker told Lottery officials that she noticed he was winning $50 here or $100 there whenever he bought Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.

“It was almost five years ago that my wife made that comment,” he said. “I remember that moment very well because a few days later she passed away.”

Cromwell said that although he’s won quite a few times playing scratch-offs, he’s never won any prize this large before. He plans to pay bills with some of the prize and save the rest.

The Prince George’s County resident purchased his winning 100X the Cash instant ticket at Hampton Mall Exxon on 8901 Central Avenue in Capitol Heights. The 100x the Cash scratch-off debuted in November and still has all six $1 million top prizes available along with eight $50,000 prizes. The $20 game has thousands of other prizes remaining, too, ranging from $20 to $5,000.