Mom Picks $10,000 Ticket

St. Mary’s County man wins big on scratch-off recommended by his mother

196-10x-Cash-ITVM_P1-blueA Mechanicsville man’s visit to see his mother last week was punctuated by Lottery luck. The telecommunications employee won a $10,000 top prize in the Maryland Lottery’s 10X Cash scratch-off game, and he has his mom to thank for it.

“My mom really enjoys playing scratch tickets, so when I was visiting I asked her to pick one out for me. I don’t know why she chose 10X Cash, but I’m sure glad that she did,” said the 38 year-old husband and father of two, who scratched the winning ticket after returning home. “I saw a $1,000 win right away and, after the shock, instantly thought of how it would help with our Christmas plans.”

Then he scratched some more.

“I showed my wife the $10,000 total and she just stared,” he said. “She just couldn’t believe it.”

The St. Mary’s County couple plan to use their 10X Cash winnings to making the holiday season special for their kids.

“This is a big relief,” the lucky winner said. “We were a little worried about how to pull the whole thing off. This is a weight off of our shoulders.”

10X Cash hit shelves in March, starting with 85 $10,000 top prizes. With this latest win, there are still 11 top prizes that have yet to be claimed. The lucky winner and his mother purchased the winning ticket South River Liquors, located at 3137 Solomons Island Road in Edgewater.