Mom’s Advice Helps Deliver Top-Prize Bonus Match 5 Win

Out-of-state resident claims $50,000 prize in July 13 drawing

A Virginia woman may have moved across the state line but her heart is still in Maryland – along with her job and her Lottery luck! Both her work’s location, plus a suggestion from her mother, put her on a collision course with Maryland Lottery luck that resulted in a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win.

The 41-year-old Vietnam-born manicurist rarely plays Lottery games and had no intention of buying a ticket two weeks ago. That decision changed after a conversation with her mother 9,000 miles away in Vietnam.

“She told me that she had visited a fortuneteller who told her that the family would soon win lots of money,” she said. “The fortuneteller also gave my mom several numbers that would be lucky for her, five of them.”

Driving home from work the next day, the Alexandria resident noticed a Lottery sign at Esquire Liquors in Oxon Hill. “I remembered my mom’s story so I pulled in,” she said. Looking for a game that featured five winning numbers, she bought a Bonus Match 5 ticket for the July 13 drawing.

“It only cost $1 to play my mom’s numbers and I had $2 in my purse, so I asked the cashier to add two more sets of numbers.”

Checking the Bonus Match 5 results at the next morning, the lucky woman received the shock of her life.

“I was disappointed at first because only one of my mother’s numbers was there,” she said. “I knew that couldn’t be a big win. I was about to throw the ticket in the trash when I looked at the other two sets of numbers. On that last line – they were all there.” Her quick-pick numbers won the top prize!

Filled with joy, as well as amazement that a fortuneteller’s advice played a role in the win, she danced in her kitchen. “I couldn’t wait to get on the phone to tell my mom,” she said. “But it was nighttime in Vietnam, I had to wait.”

The Virginia woman plans to share her $50,000 prize with her family. She also plans to play Bonus Match 5 a little more often – but just a little. “When I told her that I would play the Lottery with her lucky numbers, my mom was happy, but warned me to not play too much,” she said.

Perhaps a return to Esquire Liquors in Oxon Hill is in order when she does play again. The Prince George’s County store located at 6108 Oxon Hill Road also enjoyed a win. For selling the top-prize winning ticket in the game, Esquire Liquors earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.