Mom’s Advice Leads to $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Middle River woman claims top prize on $50,000 Gold Rush game

242-$50,000-Gold-Rush-ITVMA real estate worker from Middle River has recently discovered the fun of winning big with Maryland Lottery scratch-offs, thanks to her mother’s advice. Her lucky mom’s suggestion helped her win a $50,000 top prize on the $50,000 Gold Rush ticket.

The 21-year-old Baltimore County resident used $5 that her mother gave her last week to purchase the lucky ticket at Edgewood Convenience, located at 700 Edgewood Road in Edgewood. She scratched the ticket in the car in the parking lot outside of the Harford County store and quickly realized she was a winner.

“My eyes went right to it,” the lucky winner said of the $50,000 prize she revealed. “I said ‘Mom, can you keep a secret? I won $50,000!’ ”

“I didn’t believe it,” said the winner’s mother, an avid scratch-off player. She accompanied her daughter to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The winner’s sister also came along and said their mother advises them on which instant tickets to play.

“She told us it was a new game so it’s one we have to play,” the winner’s sister said. “She loves scratch-offs.”

The $50,000 prize is by far the most anyone in the family has ever won playing Lottery games. The winner’s previous best was $50 and her mother’s highest prize was $500. The lucky winner said she plans to buy tickets for Beyoncé’s upcoming tour, which is scheduled to make a stop in Baltimore this summer. She also might help her mother pay off her car, the winner said.

“That would be nice,” her mother said with a smile.

Edgewood Convenience is a winner as well. For selling the top-prize ticket, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery. The $50,000 Gold Rush ticket launched on Jan. 25, and this was the first of its eight top prizes claimed. The game has plenty of other prizes, too, ranging from $5 to $5,000.