‘Money Lady’ Catches $10,000 Frenzy Scratch-off Win

Congrats to “Money Lady” of Rising Sun, who won $10,000 playing the $1,000 Frenzy game.

Finds luck with $1,000 Frenzy game

Talk about getting caught up in a frenzy of excitement! The “Money Lady” of Rising Sun bought two $1,000 Frenzy instant tickets at Craigtown Market in Port Deposit and her day soon took a fantastic turn for the better.

The deli worker scratched off all of the numbers on the $10 Maryland Lottery game and discovered she held a $20 winner. Her second scratch-off held an even better prize! She spotted a match on that instant ticket with one of the game’s winning numbers and quickly revealed the prize. Did the prize amount really say $10,000?

“After I looked at the amount again, I screamed so loud my co-workers heard me,” she said. “When I finally calmed down, I showed my boss the scratch-off and he said, ‘Oh, you really do have a reason to be excited!’ ”

The lucky Cecil County resident, who dubbed herself “Money Lady,” said her win came at a great time. “This is really going to help me to pay off my bills and have a well-deserved shopping spree,” she said.

She found her winning ticket at Craigtown Market located at 712 Craigtown Road in Port Deposit.

The $1,000 Frenzy scratch-off has six unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, along with 9 $20,000 prizes and 17 more $10,000 prizes. The game is a member of the Frenzy family of scratch-offs. Get caught in the frenzy and check out the $1 $50 Frenzy, $2 $100 Frenzy and $5 $500 Frenzy instant tickets!