Money Talks and Riverdale Man Listens

Nunez Mundo - Money Talks

Ricardo Nunez Mundo celebrates his $50,000 Money Talks win!

Claims $50,000 Scratch-Off Prize

Ricardo Nunez Mundo is a very happy man after winning $50,000 on the Money Talks scratch-off game. The 62-year-old said a funny feeling led him to buy the scratch-off featuring popular historical figures.

“I play all kinds of scratch-offs,” he told Lottery officials. “But, something told me that I should buy the Money Talks ticket.”

Mundo purchased the tickets and scratched them immediately while still in the store. “Although I was very excited, I kept quiet so no one would know,” said the lucky player. Mundo went home and shared the good news with a few family members.

The big winner works in construction and had to wait for a day off to claim his prize. He says he plans to donate to charity, invest and share with his family. The winning ticket was purchased at the Riverdale BP located at 5500 Kenilworth Avenue in Riverdale.