Money Talks for Deserving Calvert County Woman

Wins Top Prize Playing Money Talks Scratch-off

Money TalksAlthough she has kept news of her big win fairly quiet, one lucky Calvert County woman had to tell someone about her $50,000 Money Talks scratch-off win. The 45-year-old decided on a creative way to share the news with her sister. She sent a photo of the winning ticket. Her sister replied to her message simply by writing, “You deserve it.”

The sisters were on a drive a few weeks earlier when they picked up a couple of scratch-offs. “We work hard, so we were treating ourselves and relaxing a bit,” she said. That evening before bed, the computer programmer scratched her tickets, revealing a matching Money Number on one of the tickets. When she saw that the corresponding prize was $50,000, she quickly took a picture of the lucky ticket and sent it to her sister.

Although the winning moment was very exciting, the winner is exceedingly private and plans to tell no one else about her big win, preferring to find ways to privately share the prize with her family. The lucky Money Talks scratch-off was purchased at the 7-11 convenience store on Perry Hall Boulevard in White Marsh.