Monopoly Luck at Hollywood Casino Perryville

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Diana Geeza of Bel Air Won $50,000 on Monopoly Scratch-Off

Bel Air Woman Wins $50,000 Playing Monopoly Scratch-off

A Sunday fun day at Cecil County’s Hollywood Casino Perryville turned profitable for a Bel Air woman. Sixty-eight year old Dianna Geeza was with her husband Jerome, playing scratch-off tickets and slots when she hit jackpot playing the Monopoly scratch-off.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way: Geeza cashed in a $30-winning scratch-off ticket and asked the cashier for her favorite Bingo ticket. She was disappointed to hear that the ticket was sold out and reluctantly bought the Monopoly ticket that the attendant had suggested. “I just really like the Bingo ticket,” Geeza explained, “but I went with her advice and bought the new Monopoly game.” She put the ticket away and finished her day at the casino.

After returning home, the retired educator sat down to scratch her tickets. “When I saw the train symbol, I thought it might be a win, but I wasn’t sure,” said the retired educator. “I just kept staring at it and asked my husband Jerome to take a look.” Jerome, a regular player, suggested checking the scratch-off on the Lottery’s My Lottery Rewards website. “If it’s a winner, you can’t enter it for points,” he said. “That’s how we knew it was definitely a winner.” In fact, the ticket turned out to be a $50,000 win, the second top prize claimed on this series of the popular Monopoly game. There are two more $50,000 top prizes remaining on the Monopoly scratch-off.

Dianna, the mother of two grown children and one granddaughter, said she plans to help family with her win and maybe take a trip. The retailer, located in Hollywood Casino, will receive $500 as a bonus from the Maryland Lottery.