Monrovia Furniture Craftsman wins $50K Instant Riches Top Prize

Gary Smith from Monrovia wins $50,000 Instant Riches top prize.

Discovers win while on family camping trip

“I’m so lucky, it irritates people,” said Monrovia resident Gary Smith. This holiday weekend his lucky streak continued when he won a $50,000 top prize playing an Instant Riches scratch-off ticket. Smith, who says he has won several significant Lottery prizes this year, had been camping with his family when he purchased the winning scratch-off ticket.

“My dog wasn’t doing too well and I wanted to run home to check on her,” said Smith. Before picking up his dog, Smith stopped into the 7-11 on Fingerboard Road in Monrovia for a couple of games of Racetrax, his favorite Lottery game. Before leaving the store, he purchased a $5 Instant Riches ticket from store owner Rose King and scratched the ticket. He revealed five $10,000 prize spots on the ticket, winning one of the game’s $50,000 top prizes.

Although his wife’s jaw dropped when he returned to the campsite, his family and friends are responding to the news of yet another Lottery win in familiar fashion. Smith says that he will use the prize to pay off a motorcycle and purchase a used truck. Smith explained that 80% of the win will go to his wife. “She’ll use that money to do the right thing and invest in our future,” said Smith.