Monrovia Woman in Shock after $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Frederick County player wins top prize on Multiplier Money ticket

A Frederick County woman’s recent scratch-off win confused both she and her husband. The 61-year-old scratched her way to a $50,000 top prize last week, and it left the two of them scratching their heads.

The Monrovia resident typically purchases scratch-offs, Mega Millions and Powerball tickets while grocery shopping. She did just that last week at the Giant store in Frederick, but didn’t scratch her tickets until days later.

“I put them in a mason jar and saved them until I felt like playing,” she told Lottery Officials. “I scratched them a few days later before heading back to the store so I could cash them in if I won.”

The big winner scratched off the Multiplier Money ticket revealing that she matched one of her numbers to one of the winning numbers. What she saw beneath the latex had her in a ball of confusion.

“I saw the number five and thought it must be a $5 winner,” said the player. “But, there was so much space left on the line.” As she continued to scratch further, shock sat in as she saw more and more zeroes revealing a $50,000 win. She ran downstairs to show her husband who happened to be on a conference call.

“He looked at the ticket with a puzzled look and then handed it back to me,” the winner smiled. “Later when he came upstairs he said, ‘so, I think that was $50,000’.”

The mother of one adult child said the win took a while to sink in, and had both she and her husband “discombobulated”. She went to the Lottery’s website to see what to do next and made an appointment to claim the prize.

“My brain is just mush right now,” said the excited winner.

The retired federal employee doesn’t have big plans for her win, just that she’ll add the winnings to her retirement.

The Giant store #349 located at 3530 Sugarloaf Pkwy in Frederick is a winner too. For selling the winning ticket, the Lottery retailer will receive a $500 bonus which is 1% of the top prize won.

The Multiplier Money scratch-off, that launched in July, still has four $50,000 top prizes remaining. There are also ten $5,000 prizes and thousands of prizes from $5 to $1,000 waiting to be found on the popular game.