Montgomery County Man Makes U-Turn, Wins $2 Million Lottery Prize

Finds top prize on VIP Club scratch-off

A Silver Spring resident who plays Lottery games every now and then is still in awe about his latest score. The 60-year-old bought five VIP Club scratch-offs and, after finding four non-winners, became speechless when the fifth instant ticket revealed a $2 million top prize.

The new multimillionaire’s journey to good fortune began when he visited Bowie Exxon located at 1500 North Crain Highway in Prince George’s County. His initial plan was to buy gas there and buy instant tickets at another Lottery retailer. However, after leaving the gas station, the winner experienced a strong feeling about the scratch-offs he’d left unpurchased at Bowie Exxon. The Montgomery County man made a U-turn, revisited the store and purchased the five instant tickets.

When he revealed the prize, “my mouth dropped open,” the happy winner said. He checked the instant ticket several times using the Lottery app on his phone to confirm what he was seeing. After checking his scratch-off numerous times, the player was finally convinced of his Lottery luck.

The lucky man, who has worked in the mortgage industry for more than 30 years, plans to invest his prize in rental properties.

The $30 VIP Club instant ticket went on sale in February. Players can still find two more $2 million top prizes, four $50,000 prizes and more than 527,000 smaller prizes of $30 to $5,000. The game is one of four $30 scratch-offs now on sale statewide.

The management of Bowie Exxon is also in the money. The retailer will receive a $2,000 bonus for its role in selling a $2 million top-prize winning scratch-off.