Montgomery County Man Wins $10,000 Powerball Prize

Powerball with Power PlayThe Germantown man came to Lottery headquarters today with more than one reason to celebrate. A third-tier Powerball prize of $10,000 would be enough to make any man happy, but his son’s American citizenship, which became official today, added to the family’s celebration.

Prior to a trip to Atlanta, the 62-year-old man purchased a Powerball ticket at a local liquor store. The ticket went unchecked for a week, until he returned home to Maryland. The winner went back to the liquor store to check his ticket, and learned he was a $10,000 winner. The man was extremely excited and immediately told his wife, who was in complete disbelief.

The winner plans to pay some bills and vacation in Virginia Beach next week with his family. He will also celebrate the win and his son’s citizenship over a nice dinner tonight. The winning ticket was purchased at Countryside Beer and Wine, located at 13505 Clopper Road in Germantown.