Montgomery County Mechanic Claims $77,700 Maryland Lottery Prize

Second Big Scratch Win in Rockville This Week

Super SlotsRockville is a lucky place to live if you’re a Maryland Lottery scratch-off player! The second Rockville resident in a week rolled into Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim a significant scratch-off prize.

An auto mechanic who found his Lottery luck playing the Super Slots scratch-off claimed the game’s $77,700 top prize on Friday. He joins a Rockville electrician who stopped in on Wednesday to claim the $100,000 prize he won playing Great Big Bingo.

The 43-year-old mechanic only plays when circumstances place him at a Lottery retailer. “It’s never a planned thing, it’s spur-of-the-moment,” he said. This time, the urge to play the Lottery hit when he was at a Rockville gas station.

“I had an extra $5 and the station sold tickets, so I picked out one that cost $5,” he said. Super Slots proved to be a good scratch-off choice. He waited until he was home with his fiancée to get to work on his ticket.

“I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing,” he said. “We both read the instructions over and over to figure out what we were missing. There was no way it could be real.”

The couple eventually acknowledged the win and shared a quiet celebration that night.

Paying off debt is their plan for the unexpected windfall. He also thinks they can squeeze in a vacation. “We’ve been talking about getting away somewhere warm – especially these last few days,” he said.

This winner bought his lucky ticket at the Shell gas station at 1911 Rockville Pike in Rockville. The game has four more $77,700 winning tickets in stores.