Montgomery County Woman Claims $50K Powerball Prize

Plans to start college fund with win

Some young family members of a Montgomery County woman will be very grateful in the future for her recent Powerball win. The government worker, who claimed a $50,000 prize on Friday at Maryland Lottery headquarters, plans to use her windfall to start a college fund for her niece and nephew.

The happy winner matched four white balls and the Power Ball number in the Jan. 6 drawing. She waited to claim the prize so that her brother could join her for the trip to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

While claiming the prize, the winner’s brother tried to convince her to do something nice for herself with her newfound windfall but she said she prefers to help further her niece’s and nephew’s educations. The lucky player bought her winning quick-pick ticket at Grove Beer & Wine located at 16825 Crabbs Branch Way in Rockville. She was one of two Marylanders to win $50,000 in the drawing.

Maryland Lottery officials are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of two $50,000 Powerball winners whose tickets are set to expire soon. A ticket sold in the Aug. 5 drawing will expire today at 4:30 p.m. and a ticket from the Aug. 19 drawing will expire on Friday, Feb. 16.