Morning Stop Ends in Coffee and $57,777 Scratch-off Win

‘Doctor’ finds Lottery luck with Lucky 7s Tripler game

A Hyattsville man ran into a local convenience store to grab coffee and ran out as a $57,777 scratch-off winner! The surprised Prince George’s County resident found a top-prize win on a Lucky 7s Tripler instant ticket.

The father of one was on his way to work when he stopped at 7-Eleven #39796 in Silver Spring to purchase a cup of coffee. While paying for his beverage, he saw several customers buying instant tickets and decided to join in the fun.

“I usually play Powerball and Mega Millions,” said the 49-year-old, “but today I saw the Lucky 7s scratch-offs and I thought, ‘Well, I might get lucky!’ ”

The player, who is calling himself “Doctor” for his Lottery publicity, took a second to scratch off the instant tickets in the store. His excitement drew when he saw the lucky four-leaf clover symbol on his $5 Lucky 7s Tripler game. The symbol makes every prize below it an instant winner.

Once “Doctor” scratched the prize, he saw $57,777 staring back at him. Just to be sure of his big win, “Doctor” ran over the store’s ticket scanner and confirmed the prize. However, he didn’t jump up and down in excitement or show anyone in the store that his Lottery luck had arrived. Instead, “Doctor” put the instant ticket in his pocket and left the store to drive to his job as an electrician.

A former physician in El Salvador, “Doctor” plans to invest his prize in his electrician business, save for retirement and put a down payment on a house. Some of the funds will also go to help his mother, who lives in El Salvador. The happy “Doctor” describes his big win as “a dream come true.”

Also celebrating in “Doctor’s” big win is his lucky Montgomery County Maryland Lottery retailer. 7-Eleven #39796 located at 16201 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring earns a bonus of $577 for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game.

A member of a family of Lucky 7s games, the $5 Lucky 7s Tripler scratch-off debuted on May 18, 2020. There is one $57,777 top prize remaining along with more than 52,000 other prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000. Players can try their luck with this game and others in the family: the $1 Lucky 7s instant ticket, $2 Lucky 7s Doubler, $10 Lucky 7s Multiplier and $20 Lucky 777 games.