Mother and Daughter Hit it Big With $50,000 Lottery Win

Gifted $50 Grand Slam Ticket Pays Off With Top Prize

$50 Grand SlamThere’s no place like home when you’re playing the lottery – just ask a busy sales training instructor and her mother. They love playing the Maryland Lottery – and other lotteries nationwide – and hit it big at home with a Maryland Lottery $50 Grand Slam scratch-off ticket that carried a top prize of $50,000.

The 40-year-old daughter travels often for business and purchases lottery tickets from all over the country to share with her mother. When she returns home, her mom often has a Maryland Lottery ticket waiting for her. Last week, one of those tickets proved lucky.

The Randallstown native reached her car after a busy day, pulled the $5 ticket from her purse and began to scratch. When she finished, she was startled. “My heart was pounding! I was in such disbelief that I had to look at the ticket three times before I recognized that I truly had a $50,000 prize,” she said.

After the win, the lucky daughter immediately called her mother to share the news. Her mother was shocked and surprised, but also happy for her daughter. Since they each give so much to help the other, it only seemed fair to deem the win a team effort. “We do a lot for each other,” the daughter said. “She is my everything.”

The daughter plans to use her share of the winnings to pay bills and will bank the rest. The mother bought the winning ticket at the Franklin Amoco on West Franklin Street in Baltimore.