Mother’s Day Keno Super Bonus Prize for Lucky Player

Charles Paul - Keno Super Bonus

Charles smiles for the camera after collecting his Keno prize.

Pennsylvania man wins more than $50,000

Charles Paul has had many winning moments and this past Mother’s Day was his biggest yet. The Pennsylvania resident won $50,050 “hanging out” and playing Keno. “I went to pick up something at the food store,” said Charles. “I wasn’t working that day so I just chilled at the store and played.”

While this is Charles’ largest lottery prize, the 52-year-old is no stranger to winning. In 2010, he won on four separate occasions playing Racetrax and Keno, taking home nearly $25,000. After his most recent, most exciting windfall, Charles texted his wife to share the great news. “I got to tell her this was going to be the best Mother’s Day she ever had,” said Charles with a smile.

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As expected, the father-of-three boys said he will give some of his winnings to his wife. At his current job for only two weeks, he also intends to use his money wisely. “As times are, I’m going to save the rest and hold on to it,” said the happy winner.  Confident his winning ways will continue, Charles pulled a few Mega Millions and Powerball tickets from his pants pocket and said, “I’ll be back with an even bigger win.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Krauszer Food Shop, located at 321 Stemmers Run Rd. in Baltimore City.