Motorcycle Enthusiast Wheels Away with $10,000 Keno Prize

This lucky Baltimore man found his big win on an 8-spot Keno bet.

Places lucky bet at Compass Express in Baltimore

A combination of family birthdays gave a Baltimore motorcycle enthusiast a $10,000 Keno win just in time for the holidays!

The loyal Keno player was hanging out this week at the stay-and-play area of Compass Express in Baltimore when Lady Luck gave him a pair of Keno wins. The 55-year-old found success with an 8-spot ticket played for five drawings plus a Packaged Keno To Go ticket.

“It was my last game,” he said, “and I was actually looking up at the monitor. I thought I hit for $500. Then, I saw all the numbers come out!”

The estimated probability of a player having all eight numbers appear on an 8-spot bet is 1 in 9.77. Had our winner matched seven of the winning numbers, his prize would have been $500.

“I was so happy,” he said. “I immediately called my wife and told her.”

Nicknamed “Lobster,” the happy winner also claimed a $1,200 prize on his Packaged Keno To Go games. He’s won big before, but not in Maryland. In the 1990s, “Lobster” reports winning $17,000 playing Florida’s version of Bonus Match 5.

The father of one said a move is in his family’s future. The couple will probably pay bills and complete renovations to their home so they can put it on the market and relocate.

Also seeing green because of his Keno win is “Lobster’s” lucky Lottery retailer, Compass Express. The Baltimore County store located at 3 Compass Road earns a $100 bonus for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.