Movie Rental Makes Columbia Man $30,000 Richer

Claims Blackout Bingo Top Prize

Bill Smith - Blackout BingoWhen Bill Smith and his wife Rachel were picking up dinner at the grocery store last night, they made a stop at the “Red Box” to rent a movie.  While deciding which movie to get, Bill put money in the Lottery’s instant ticket vending machine, and randomly selected a $2 Blackout Bingo scratch-off.

The couple stood in the store and scratched the ticket.

After verifying the ticket was a $30,000 winner, Bill and Rachel went home and hid the ticket in the closet.  “We could barely sleep,” said Bill.  “We woke up early this morning and headed right to the Lottery.”  When asked if they wound up watching the movie they rented last night, Bill said, “We couldn’t even remember what movie we got.  I actually went home and started cleaning the house, just to keep busy.”

With the winnings, the self-employed winner and his wife plan to pay bills.  The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #300, located at 8805 Centre Park Dr. in Columbia.