Moving Day Leads to $100,000 Bingo X10 Discovery

Winner - Juicy J

“Juicy J” can enjoy a rest with his $100,000 top-prize win on a Bingo X10 scratch-off.

An Anne Arundel County man got a big surprise after a busy day of helping friends move. Amidst the boxes, furniture and other household items, the 26-year-old also discovered a lucky Bingo X10 scratch-off carrying a $100,000 prize!

Moving day started early last weekend and was marked by hours of strenuous labor and straining muscles. When the dust settled, the group of friends had moved many of the items and earned a long rest.

The lucky Odenton scratch-off player, who is using the moniker “Juicy J,” described his exciting win in detail to Lottery officials. That night, while the weary gang ate Chinese takeout food and watched an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout, “Juicy J” reached for several Bingo X10 scratch-offs he purchased earlier that day from John’s Liquor & General Store in Pasadena. He scanned the prize check on each instant ticket using the Lottery’s mobile app. When “Juicy J” scanned the final $10 scratch-off, he was amazed by the prize he saw flash across the phone screen.

“I shot right up and started freaking out,” said the winner. “All of my friends started jumping up and down and there were high fives all around.”

The lucky winner works for a busy graphics shop that specializes in graphic treatments of all kinds, including vehicle wraps for fleet vehicles and racecars. He said his workload this year was constant so he may use the prize to take a vacation and enjoy time off.

Sharing his Lottery luck is John’s Liquor & General Store. Located at 812 Duvall Highway, the Anne Arundel County retailer earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game. Bingo X10 still has five more unclaimed top prizes awaiting discovery.