“Mr. Lucky” Hits It Big [VIDEO]


Rock Hall Man Wins $1 Million on Million Money Match Scratch-off

Known all over Rock Hall for his trademark cowboy hat – his “lucky hat,” as he calls it – and his singing with local bands, Raymond Reinacher Jr. will now be known in the Kent County waterfront town for his unbelievable lottery luck.  Mr. Reinacher today claimed a $1 million prize he won over the weekend playing the Million Money Match scratch-off game.

An employee of a local marina, the 78-year-old Raymond is a big fan of scratch-off tickets and the games, it seems, return the favor.  “I’ve done very well with your tickets,” he told officials.  “Just about every ticket I buy is paid for with my past lottery winnings.”  Wearing his lucky hat, he stopped by one of his favorite lottery stores on Saturday to buy, for him, a rare Pick 4 ticket.  “As I went to buy my tickets I realized that I’d left the list of numbers I wanted to play back at home.  I asked the clerk to just give me a $20 scratch-off instead.”  When he played his ticket tears came to his eyes.  “I just kept saying, ‘No, no, no, it can’t be.’”

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With his savings depleted caring for his ailing wife, who passed away several years ago, this win has come to the perfect person, his family explained.  Mr. Reinacher or, as he’s known by all who know him – Mr. Lucky, has very modest plans for his fortune.  “I want to get a new police scanner, and maybe a classic car.”  He found his lottery luck at the Shore Stop store at 21340 Rock Hall Avenue.

Raymond Reinacher Jr - Million Money Match

Raymond Reinacher Jr., aka Mr. Lucky, poses with
family to celebrate his $1 million win.