Multi-Match Jackpot Win Aids Player’s Retirement

Parkton man wins $750,000 prize in Oct. 20 drawing

A Baltimore County man who enjoys playing a variety of Maryland Lottery games got a surprise when he was scanning tickets at his Lottery retailer to check for winners.

“The scanner said something very strange,” recalled the 70-year-old. His quick-pick                Multi-Match ticket for the Oct. 20 drawing had triggered a message to cash the ticket at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. His friend, who accompanied him to claim the $750,000 jackpot prize, said she alerted him that a Parkton retailer had sold the winning ticket but he had no idea his lucky day had arrived.

“I don’t usually play Multi-Match,” he said, explaining that he prefers to play Bonus Match 5. “I never get any of the numbers.”

The loyal Lottery player for 40 years hit all six numbers to win the $750,000 jackpot, which carried a $375,000 cash value (before taxes). The Parkton man plans to use his prize for his retirement.

He found his lucky ticket at the Maryland Line Service Center located at 21307 York Road in Parkton. For selling a jackpot-winning ticket, the retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

No one hit the Multi-Match jackpot in the Oct. 24 drawing, so it rolled to an estimated annuity value of $525,000 for the next drawing on Oct. 27. The cash value is $262,500.