Navy Veteran Sails to $10,000 Scratch-off Win

Cumberland resident claims top prize in 10x Cash game

196-10x-Cash-ITVM_P1-blueA U.S Navy veteran from Cumberland made a long trek over land to Baltimore on Monday morning to claim a $10,000 top prize in the Maryland Lottery’s 10x Cash scratch-off game.

The 74-year-old retiree was in the Navy from 1959 to 1963 and served on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. He’s been a loyal Lottery player for years, enjoying the Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings and scratch-off games.

“I won $5,000 on the Pick 4 about five years ago,” the lucky winner said. “I didn’t think there were any big wins in Allegany County, until now!”

When he scratched off his winning 10x Cash ticket, he wasn’t sure it was a big winner. He got a better understanding of his good fortune when his favorite Lottery retailer, Martin’s Food Market #6003 at 739 Park Street in Cumberland, told him the prize was so big he’d have to come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim it.

The Allegany man plans to save his prize money. “I’m happy,” he said. “The money looks good.”

The $10 10x Cash ticket, which was launched March 23, still offers plenty of chances to win. There are 43 top prizes of $10,000 that have not yet been claimed, along with 23 $1,000 prizes.