Need for Change Changes Fortune of Rockville Taxi Driver [VIDEO]


Wins $50,000 Top Prize on MONOPOLY™ Scratch-off

Bishaw Kebede started his Tuesday as he typically does, fueling up his car for his job as a taxi driver. The 43-year-old native of Ethiopia also engaged in some Lottery play while stopping for gas. “I played a little Keno,” said the father-of-two. “Then, I bought several MONOPOLY™ scratch-offs.”

Bishaw played the tickets while in the store and was ready to leave when he requested change for a $20 bill. “I need change for my job,” explained Bishaw. The retailer was unable to accommodate, so Bishaw decided to buy one more MONOPOLY™ ticket.  That final purchase resulted in his $50,000 win.

Aberdeen Woman Claims $50K Top Prize on MONOPOLY™ Scratch-Off

“I was so surprised. I didn’t believe it,” said the incredulous winner. After verifying his good fortune with the clerk, Bishaw immediately headed to Lottery Headquarters to claim his prize. “I just bought the ticket two hours ago,” he told Lottery officials. In fact, the win is so new, not even his wife has received the details. “I called her at work and told her that I’d won big. She doesn’t know how much yet.” An admitted fan of scratch-offs, Bishaw also enjoys Pick 3 and Pick 4. “I won $5,000 four years ago on Pick 4,” he said. Bishaw has no plans at present for his MONOPOLY™ winnings, saying “I’ll decide after talking to my wife.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Kensington Liberty, located at 10550 Connecticut Ave. in Kensington.

The $5 MONOPOLY™ scratch-off launched on February 20, 2012 and has a top prize of $50,000. There are currently five top-prizes remaining on the ticket. Players may also enter non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets for five additional $50,000 bonus drawings. To enter the bonus drawings, players must submit their non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets at Players must have their original non-winning ticket in order to claim their prize.

Bishaw Kebede - Monopoly

Bishaw Kebede is all smiles after winning $50,000
MONOPOLY™ scratch-off prize.