Nevada Man Finds Work, Lottery Luck in Maryland

Nevada’s Fenton Owens loves Maryland after his $30,000 Polar Payout scratch-off win.

Claims $30,000 Polar Payout scratch-off prize

When his employer invited him to travel 2,500 miles to Maryland as part of a team working on a solar farm project, Fenton Owens signed right up. Any regrets over the many miles and many months he’s spent away from his Henderson, Nevada home are a thing of the past – all because of Maryland Lottery luck!

A $3 Polar Payout scratch-off awarded him a cool $30,000 top prize.

The 45-year-old electrician is a big fan of scratch-offs. Fenton said he doesn’t play them too often, though, because Nevada has no state lottery. Maryland’s wide selection of instant ticket games has made his home-away-from-home a happy temporary destination.

“I stopped at a gas station to get a Powerball ticket and had $3 change so I decided to get a scratch game,” he said. “It was pretty hot on Saturday, so the Polar Payout seemed the right choice.”

After scratching off the instant ticket later in his hotel room, Fenton was taken aback by what he saw. “I just sat there for a few minutes looking at it. $30,000? I read the directions, every word on the front and back of the ticket.” Still not convinced, he asked a co-worker, “Am I reading this right?”

The answer: Yes!

“Elation is the only word that comes to mind,” he told Lottery officials. “I’m on Cloud 9.” The Nevada man plans to erase a good bit of his debt with his Polar Payout win. He also plans to make Maryland Lottery scratch-offs a weekly part of his stay in our fair state.

Polar Payout has now shared half of its four $30,000 top prizes with Maryland players. Four $1,000 second-tier prizes are available, also, along with thousands of others ranging from $3 and up. Fenton found his lucky scratch-off at the Riva Road Shell at 2575 Riva Road in Annapolis. The retailer has reason to celebrate, too! For selling a winning top-prize scratch-off of $30,000, the retailer earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery.