New in Town: Recently Relocated Baltimore Resident Wins $10,000

After four short months living in Maryland, retired school worker wins on Poker Showdown ticket.

220-Poker-Showdown-ITVMA 72-year-old woman decided that after living in Massachusetts for more than 59 years, she would relocate to Maryland to be with the rest of her family. The move has proven to be a lucrative one for the retired public school system worker. After just four short months of living in Baltimore, she won a $10,000 prize on the Poker Showdown scratch-off ticket.

She decided to buy the ticket when she and a relative stopped at the 7-Eleven at 1465 Key Highway in Baltimore.

“I remember just feeling numb after I realized I had won that much money,” she said. “I was really shocked because all those years I lived in Massachusetts, I never won anything even remotely close to what I won here.”

The excited winner, who is originally from Puerto Rico, said she decided to purchase a Poker Showdown ticket because poker is her favorite card game. She added that she plans to use the money to pay off bills and take a trip to Puerto Rico.

Poker Showdown debuted in August, and three of its $100,000 top prizes still haven’t been claimed. There also are eight more $10,000 prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state.