New Instant Mega Millions/Powerball Scratch-off Ticket Finds First Winner

Eastern Shore Man Claims $100,000 Prize

In days past, Lottery players in Maryland had to wait until certain nights to try their luck with Mega Millions and Powerball.  With the introduction of the new Instant Mega Millions/Powerball scratch-off, this has changed.  The first player to take full advantage of the new game is a highway construction worker from Ridgely who won the first $100,000 top-prize.

“I was on the way to visit my mom and stopped in for a ticket,” today’s 23-year-old winner told officials.  “I scratched it right there, saw what I thought was a big winner and kind of froze.  I’m surprised now how calm I was.”  The ticket made the rounds of his family, none of whom could believe it was real, even when holding the ticket in their hands.

Even well into the claim process the Eastern Shore man didn’t quite accept that this was all really happening.  When handed the final paperwork, the beyond-a-doubt, irrefutable evidence that the money was his, the look on his face changed dramatically.  “I’m definitely not as calm now as I was when I scratched that ticket.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the House of Spirits, located at 2 North Central Ave. in Ridgely. The Instant Mega Millions/Powerball ticket, which launched this past Monday, still has six $100,000 top prizes remaining.  Along with cash prizes, players can win a quick pick Mega Millions ticket with Megaplier and a Powerball ticket with Power Play.