New Jersey Man Finds Lottery Luck in Maryland

Scratches a $100,000 win while visiting in-laws

In town last week to visit his wife’s parents as well as several Maryland friends, a New Jersey man found the $100,000 worth of good fortune that was missing from his occasional Maryland Lottery purchases over the years.

The manager of a lawn care business told Lottery officials that he buys a scratch-off every once in a while. This time, he enjoyed a top-prize scratch-off win!

“My buddies and I were walking through the neighborhood when one of them, a big Lottery player, pointed out a store that sold tickets. He pushed me to buy one,” said the 39-year-old father of two. The Lottery veteran’s advice continued once the group entered Errol’s Gas station at 1825 University Boulevard in Hyattsville. That friend even pointed out the $10 instant ticket our winner should play.

“He said to try Gold Hard Cash, so I did,” said the dubious dad.

Later at home, surrounded by family and friends, the Jersey City man couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he scratched off the game. “It was impossible. $100,000? I never win like this!”

The Gold Hard Cash winner plans to begin a college fund for his children and invest the rest of his winnings. He considers this $100,000 win to be a huge blessing.

“The good this will do for my family, both in our house and our larger family, is a wonderful thing to think about. This is very humbling.”

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