New Papa Delights in Second Special Delivery: $10,000 Lottery Prize

Stephen Clark Jr. - Big Play Crossword_webNew papa Stephen Clark Jr. of Havre de Grace is taking his $10,000 scratch-off prize home to help his family.

Havre de Grace man wins with Big Play Crossword game

Proud new papa Stephen Clark Jr. just enjoyed his second special delivery of the month but, unlike his newborn daughter, this welcome surprise doesn’t require midnight feedings. A Big Play Crossword scratch-off delivered a $10,000 Maryland Lottery prize to the happy Havre de Grace resident.

The 23-year-old favors crossword scratch-offs. He found his Lottery luck at EZ Quick Food Market at 801 Revolution Street in his home town. The loyal player tends to choose the same game until it no longer seems lucky and is still enjoying Big Play Crossword a year after its 2014 launch. While winning is not a new experience for Stephen, this is the first time he’s won a five-digit prize.

“I’ve won $1,000 here and $1,000 there,” Stephen said, “but not this much!”

The Port Deposit public works employee scratched his $10 tickets at the store and thought he’d won $1,000. He took his winning ticket home to his girlfriend and their days-old daughter Adalynn and was standing at the stove when he decided to take one more look.

“I thought, ‘Darn, I couldn’t get one more letter,’” Stephen said, but then he spotted the very letter he needed to win the $10,000 prize. His shouts of happiness attracted his girlfriend, who at first doubted his win.

The $10,000 prize comes at a great time to help with expenses for his daughter and will go to help support his new family.

The game launched last December and still has one $100,000 top prize awaiting discovery along with five $10,000 prizes and 10 $1,000 prizes.