Night Shift Nurse’s Horses Race to $26,392 Lottery Win

Once-a-week Racetrax player claims once-in-a-lifetime prize

A 43-year-old Silver Spring nurse who was driving to work to cover a Saturday night shift found traffic so light he had time to stop and buy a Racetrax ticket. The result of this once-a-week player’s purchase was a once-in-a-lifetime $26,392 win!

“I was so early that when I saw the Lottery sign outside of a store, I got the idea to play Racetrax,” said the married father of two. He stopped at W Express in Takoma Park and placed a Superfecta bet on the 6, 7, 9 and 4 horses. He paid for 20 games. And, because he bought his ticket during a special Racetrax promotion, the Montgomery County resident enjoyed a $3 discount on his wager. An Aug. 1-Sept. 5 promotion gave players $1 off each $6 Racetrax purchase with a maximum $5 discount per ticket.

Ticket in hand, the occasional player headed to work at a medical center. “I planned to check the results during my break,” he said.

The lucky man learned of his win in the break room in the early hours of the morning. “I checked online and it looked like I’d won,” he said, “and won big. I wasn’t positive. I was excited but was trying not to get my hopes up.” On Sunday morning, he confirmed his lucky win. “I stopped at another Lottery store on the way home and was able to figure out that it was real.”

The winner and his wife have planned to purchase a home for their family for several years, he said. “This win moves our timetable up considerably.” The winning ticket purchased from W Express at 6400 New Hampshire Avenue also sends the Lottery retailer into the winner’s circle. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the Montgomery County retailer receives a $263.92 bonus from the Lottery.