No Fooling – Luck is in the Cards for Havre de Grace Winner

Harford County Woman Wins $100,000 Top Prize on Lucky Cards Scratch-Off

Lucky Casino - Cards

“When I got home it was nothing but hugging, kissing and crying,” said the 67-year-old winner. The retired office manager greeted her husband at the front door with news of her $100,000 Lucky Casino scratch-off win. Soon the phone lines were flooded with calls alerting the couple’s children and grandchildren. “They wouldn’t believe me. I had to put my husband on the phone,” said the winner. They had trouble believing her good fortune because she had fooled family members before, claiming to have won one of the Lottery jackpot games.

The practical joker stopped to purchase her daily Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets when the new Lucky Casino scratch-off ticket caught her gaze. “I liked the way they looked,” she said. After purchasing two tickets, she went to her car to scratch. She had only scratched a small part of the ticket when she decided to ask the clerk what he saw. As the clerk studied the ticket, his frown of concentration turned into a smile of congratulations.

The lucky winner says she will use the winnings to pay bills and may take a trip to Las Vegas. She also plans to share a portion with family members and the church. The winning ticket was purchased at Havre de Grace Food, located on 866 Otsego St in Havre de Grace.

Lucky Casino is a $10 scratch-off that has 3 different looks: Lucky Spin includes blue and yellow roulette imagery; Lucky Roll is green and purple with dice imagery; and Lucky Cards is predominantly red and mimics the look of a deck of playing cards. All three Lucky Casino tickets can be found in the same pack of tickets and although they may look different, they are designed with the same fun number match play style!