No Mistake This Time for Anne Arundel County Scratch-off Winner

Barbara Rowland of Galesville finally found her big scratch-off winner with the Gold Rush X50 instant ticket.

Galesville resident claims $50,000 Gold Rush X50 prize

While she believes they exaggerate, Barbara Rowland of Galesville says her family will tell you that on more than one occasion she has gotten excited – and gotten them excited – over a big instant ticket win that was not the real deal. Get excited, family — the $50,000 winning Gold Rush X50 scratch-off she brought to Maryland Lottery headquarters is definitely real!

The retired school employee was checking in on her father, which is something she, her husband and siblings do often, when the topic of scratch-offs came up. “My dad’s a Lottery player, so I asked if he wanted me to bring him a ticket. He did, and he asked me to get a $10 ticket for myself while I was there,” Barbara explained. “I play, too, and have had some luck with the Gold Rush games, so that’s what I picked.”

She found her winning game at South River Liquors located at 3204 Solomons Island Road in Edgewater. Scratching the Gold Rush X50 instant ticket in her car, the Anne Arundel County woman was stunned to see the match that delivered her the game’s $50,000 second-tier prize.

“I was so excited. I called my husband and he cautioned me to quickly check the ticket with my lottery app.” With her win confirmed by both the app and the cashier inside the store, Barbara went to her father’s home. “I was nervous about telling him, about his heart, but he handled it fine.  He was thrilled for me.”

The 63-year-old and her husband plan to share their winnings with the family and focus on a few home improvement projects. Their $50,000 win is the fourth second-tier prize claimed since the game’s May debut. Gold Rush X50 still has five $100,000 top prizes available. The game is also one of five in the Gold Rush family of scratch-off games. Try your luck striking gold with the $1 Gold Rush x5, $2 Gold Rush x10, $5 Gold Rush x20 and $20 Gold Rush x100 scratch-offs.