No Strike Out Here – Baltimore Man Hits Grand Slam

Man’s favorite ticket earns him $50,000

$50 Grand SlamA Baltimore man bought two $50 Grand Slam tickets on Saturday hoping to win a couple dollars. The first ticket he checked was a $50 winner which made him think that the second ticket wouldn’t be worth anything substantial. It’s a good thing the 73-year-old checked the second ticket because it turned out to be a $50,000 top prize winner.

Wanting to confirm his win, he looked around to make sure no one was watching and beckoned the store clerk. “I told her not to go hollering when I showed her the ticket,” he told Lottery officials. “The first thing she did was gasp really loudly!”
The lucky man immediately went home to share the good news with his family. “My wife thought I was playing a big joke on her, it’s not like you win this much money every day of the week,” he joked.

The winner, who is a chauffeur, plans to put his winnings directly in the bank. “I’ll probably save a little to keep playing the Lottery,” he said happily. The man purchased his ticket from the 7-11 #21051 at 620 Reisterstown Rd. in Baltimore.