Novice Player Cracks Odds with $50,000 Holiday Scratch-off Win

Claims final top prize on Nutcracker Cash Doubler instant ticket

175-Nutcracker-Cash-Doubler-ITVMA novice at playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and casino games won at both endeavors during his first visit to the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. The Baltimore County man’s free $5 Nutcracker Cash Doubler instant ticket, received as part of a casino promotion for new players, delivered a $50,000 top prize on Dec. 26.

“I didn’t think it was real,” he said.

The 28-year-old had scratched the ticket and revealed its prize while at the casino, where he also won an undisclosed amount on the gaming floor. The casino verified his win on the holiday ticket and sent him to Lottery Headquarters in Baltimore to visit the Winner’s Lounge and claim his prize.

The Windsor Mill man took the ticket home and hid it in his house in a safe place over the weekend. The father of five shared his good news with family and friends. A transportation field employee, he hasn’t decided yet how he will spend his prize.

The Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is located at 1525 Russell Street in the city. For its role in providing the winner with what turned out to be a top-prize ticket, the casino will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.