Nurse Practitioner Enjoys Side Effects of $16,000 Keno Win

$16k Keno Debra Smith webNurse practitioner Debra Smith of Severna Park won $16,000 playing Keno.

Plays birth dates of daughter and dogs

A lucky nurse practitioner discovered her weekly Keno fun could lead to side effects like shortness of breath, perspiration and seeing dollar signs. Debra Smith of Severna Park experienced all that and more after a heart-fluttering $16,000 prize came her way.

The lucky win came as she was playing the monitor game at The Greene Turtle in Pasadena with her regular gathering of family and friends. The 55-year-old found Lottery luck with birth dates of family members and pets.

“The numbers were a combination of the birth dates of my daughter and the birthdates of my Doberman and Mastiff,” Debra said.

Her win came on a ticket bought earlier at the lucky retailer. “I bought a ticket to go, and checked it later using my phone,” said the Anne Arundel County resident. She watched her smartphone screen closely as the numbers from her lucky ticket appeared, along with a Super Bonus that kicked her prize into the stratosphere.

Debra began texting family members to share the excitement of the win. She isn’t quite sure yet how she will spend her lucky winnings.

Her lucky retailer shares in the fun of her win. The Greene Turtle, located at 20 Magothy Beach Road, will receive a $160 bonus from the Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize.