Oakland Equipment Operator Unearths Third Lottery Prize

Equipment operator Brandon Proudfoot of Oakland unearthed a $10,000 prize on the $20 Instant Millionaire scratch-off.

Wins $10,000 on Instant Millionaire scratch-off

A change in routine certainly paid off for Brandon Proudfoot of Oakland, who decided to try his Lottery luck at a different retailer and wound up at 7-Eleven #36162 at 435 North 3rd Street in Oakland.

The 29-year-old, who works as an equipment operator for Little Caesars, said he was hunting another big Lottery prize. Brandon had claimed a $500 prize on a scratch-off about four weeks ago and a $1,000 prize late last year. When he spotted the $20 Instant Millionaire scratch-off at the 7-Eleven, the Western Maryland native tried the ticket and happily unearthed a $10,000 prize.

“When I realized I was a winner, I guess I wasn’t really shocked because I’ve won before,” he said. “I was just stunned. It’s such a good feeling when you win.”

Brandon told Lottery officials that the 2 1⁄2 hour drive from Oakland to Baltimore made him realize how much he needs a car. “This win makes it possible for me to get a vehicle,” he said. “It’s nice that my friends will give me rides when I need them to but it’s nothing like having your own car.” The lucky winner also plans to pay bills with his prize and take a few close friends out bowling to celebrate.