Ocean City Taxi Driver Brings Mom for Birthday Ride to Claim $50,000 Prize

Mom celebrates 86th birthday as son celebrates big win on Lottery scratch-off

274-Diamond-Spectacular-ITVMA scratch-off playing mother and her adult son picked the perfect day to claim a $50,000 prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Diamond Spectacular game – mom’s 86th birthday!

The two enjoyed a scenic day of travel together on her big day as they made the trip from Ocean City, where they live and where he bought the lucky ticket, to Baltimore to claim the prize.

The son drives for the Taxi! Taxi! company and had stopped at the 7-Eleven store located at 13900 Coastal Highway on a Saturday night. He decided to buy two scratch-offs at the store, which is owned by his friend, a Diamond Spectacular game and the other a Monopoly ticket.

The loyal player took the games home and offered them to his girlfriend, asking her to pick the one she wanted. He wound up with the Diamond Spectacular game and began scratching it.

“I thought I won $500, and I was excited about that,” he said, adding that the next two spots he scratched on the game revealed $500 and $1,000 prizes.  “I said to her, ‘Are you playing a joke on me?’”

The next day, the happy Wicomico County resident called his friend at the store to tell him about his $50,000 win on the Diamond Spectacular game. His friend asked him to check the sequence number on his ticket, which turned out to be No. 4. The store owner said that very Saturday night, he discovered that ticket No. 3 of the game had jammed in the Lottery vending machine. It ripped when he removed it. As a Lottery retailer responsible for the instant ticket, he decided to buy it. The ripped ticket turned out to be a $100 winner, which made the retailer’s $20 purchase of the ripped ticket a profitable investment.

“It turns out he unjammed the machine right before I got in there,” the taxi driver said. “I’ve never won anything like this!”

He told his mom about his Lottery luck and she agreed to spend her birthday with him on the road. The prize is going into the bank, they said.

The $20 Diamond Spectacular game has two unclaimed $1 million top prizes, four unclaimed $50,000 prizes and 17 $10,000 prizes awaiting discovery in Maryland stores. There are more than 300,000 other prizes, too, ranging from $20 to $5,000.