Ocean City Vacationer Delights in ‘Amazing’ Scratch-off Win

Alnisa Jackson - Amazing 8s_webAlnisa Jackson of New Jersey unearthed a $50,000 top-prize Amazing 8s scratch-off while vacationing in Ocean City.

Claims $50,000 top prize on Amazing 8s game

A New Jersey scratch-off fan enjoying an Ocean City vacation with her family found plenty of sun, surf and sand – and an amazing buried treasure. The lucky bride-to-be unearthed a $50,000 top-prize-winning Maryland Lottery Amazing 8s scratch-off!

Alnisa Jackson of Union, N.J., found her Lottery luck at Seaside Deli Beer & Wine in Ocean City. While two of her relatives made purchases, the avid scratcher checked out the tremendous variety of Maryland instant tickets on display. She asked the clerk to point out which games were new and then purchased $10 and $5 Neon scratch-offs and one $5 Amazing 8s instant ticket.

The trio then set off with their purchases for more vacation fun and adventure. They hopped aboard a city bus and Alnisa’s family members commented on her love of Lottery games.

“They said, ‘There you go, buying more scratch-offs,’” Alnisa said.

The 47-year-old scratched off the tickets with mixed results. Her $10 ticket was a non-winner while the $5 Neon ticket delivered a $15 prize. The mother of one happily began uncovering numbers on her Amazing 8s scratch-off and stopped, shocked at her discovery. Could she really be holding a $50,000 winning ticket?

“I put it in my pocketbook,” she said, adding that she gripped it tightly until they returned to the hotel where she examined the ticket closely.

Was it really a big winner? Alnisa, her daughter Aniya and a cousin weren’t certain.

“We kept reading the directions over and over,” Alnisa said, adding that the trio returned to the store and confirmed the win with the clerk, who joined their celebration. “We took pictures in the store with him.”

The three women were still excited and all smiles when they claimed the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Alnisa plans to spend her windfall on home improvements and to upgrade her June 2016 destination wedding at a Caribbean island. This is the trio’s second Ocean City family vacation and one they will not soon forget!

Also celebrating the win is the Worcester County retailer. Seaside Deli Beer & Wine located at 7207 Coastal Highway in Ocean City, will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket. There are still four unclaimed top prizes remaining on this popular scratch-off along with 14 prizes of $8,888.