Ohio Truck Driver Delivered Lucky Maryland Scratch-off Win

Happy Ohio trucker Scott Johnson celebrates his top-prize scratch-off win.

Claims $77,777 top prize on Maryland 7s game

Out-of-state trucker Scott Johnson made a fortunate stop in Elkton this week after completing a big delivery. The Ohio man is hauling away a $77,777 top prize won on the Maryland 7s game.

“I’ll be paying off my house,” said the ecstatic Byesville resident, who claimed the prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore before leaving town.

On his lucky day, Scott went into the Flying J Travel Plaza in Elkton to purchase scratch-offs. The 43-year-old noticed the Maryland 7s instant tickets on the counter and bought several $5 games. Scott stood at the store counter and began scratching off the instant tickets.

“I think it’s a winner,” he exclaimed. Scott checked his lucky scratch-off on the ticket checker and then immediately handed it to the store clerk. “Is this a winner?” he asked. The employee confirmed his big win and Scott rushed out of the store to call his wife and share his great news. He next called his boss to report that he needed a day off. “I have to go to Baltimore. I just won $77 grand!”

The happy winner told Lottery officials, “I’m still in shock. I still can’t believe it!”

Also celebrating his Lottery luck is the Cecil County Lottery retailer. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off, Flying J Travel Plaza #875 located at 221 Belle Hill Road earns a bonus of $777.77 from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.

The $5 Maryland 7s game is still packed with prizes, including four more $77,777 top prizes, six more $5,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $7 to $1,000.